Lead by Example That Inspiring Others

At age 12, my sister and I became the caregiver to our parents, because they got terminally ill at the same time. Our dad passed away when I was 17 from diabetes. And my mom passed away to lose battle to cancer when I was 19

A 1998 political riot happened in Indonesia, We decided to sell our parents' house. I moved to Los Angeles in 2000, where I started over again with, $2000 and two suitcases. I worked 5 different jobs to pay bills, and lawyer fees for my asylum. 


I became a US citizen 11 years after. I had my own real estate business. I Invested in real estate in bad times, I lost everything and started over again. 

Not giving up I studied different skills in technology,  Graduated from UCLA project management programs, work for a Fortune 500 company.

Because of the fear of not able to take care of myself. I learned how money works, retirements,  and life insurance. I am passionate about helping clients to reach their Life & Financial goals. I like to share what I learned and educating them along the way. My touchstone approach is to guide clients through every aspect of their financial lives. 



My area of focus includes


  • Life Coaching

  • Individual Happiness Coaching

  • Motivation Speaker

  • Financial Planning

  • Retirement Income Strategies

  • Life insurance – Term/ Whole/ IUL

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Fixed Income

  • 401K/ IRA/ Roth IRA investment

  • Project Management Certified - UCLA

  • Licensed Life and Health CA 

  • Certified Annuity Finance and Long Term Care

  • Certified Life Happiness Coach  - Transformation Academy

  • Certified Effective Coaching Path - Toastmasters International - Pathways

  • Competent Leader - Toastmaster International

  • Competent Communicator - Toastmaster International


Coronavirus (Covid-19) dramatically impacted our lives, businesses, and an overall sense of security. I'm passionate about helping people. And I found a need to help you and family member if you need a financial advisor and information about life insurance. I want to help you and your family and friends be financially literate. 

As I successfully manage my finance, I like to help other people to discover who they are and top into their unique superpower. Help people to become the hero of their future selves by teaching them financial literacy.

Your past doesn't define you. Each struggle is a stepping Block to reach your true potential

2020-09.Sept 23- Rosy Law- Happiness- He

We all want (and deserve) to be happy, life can throw us curveballs we could never see coming. These can knock us off balance, leaving us feeling stressed, resentful, anxious, or depressed.

It is possible to grow your emotional resilience and stay healthy, calm, balanced, and compassionate, even during the most challenging times. 

I've been there. My life experiences, including childhood trauma, success, and failures in money, love, and happiness, made my knowledge and experience valuable. I am passionate about helping people.

As a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, I am passionate about guiding, assisting, and inspiring you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. The biggest value of my coach is in providing accountability

My clients describe me as allowing, soft, gentle, emotional, nurturing, and compassionate. I am good at providing people with a safe space to explore, understand, and express their feelings – often leading to emotional release and catharsis.

Nobody really needs a personal trainer to work out in a gym for more than a couple of sessions to learn how to do the exercises and use equipment, right? Yet, people continually hire personal trainers for long periods of time just to push them and keep them on track. Without a personal trainer, people just stop going to the gym when they don’t feel like it. But when they’ve paid for one and have an appointment, they go even when they aren’t up for it because they made the commitment to themselves.


Coaching is a conversation that forwards you in your life.

It is a willing and mutual partnership between you and a coach, in which you bring your inspirations, goals, and motivations to the table, while the coach provides a neutral mirror, space, and sounding board for you to discover your own truths.

My coach-style does not solve problems for you, but rather empowers you to seek your own answers and come up with new and creative solutions.


I worked with people from many walks of life and what I’ve seen over and over again is people searching for happiness and contentment outside of themselves, rather than within. When you’re constantly looking for happiness elsewhere, it can make life very difficult.

You may not realize it but you already have everything you need, inside you, to feel happy and peaceful. During this individually tailored program, I can show you how to find it and use it.

The Key to being Happy is knowing you have the power to choose