My Story

Twenty years ago, I moved to the United States to start over my life as an asylee. Starting from nothing, I don't give up on life, keep working hard, and focus on my goals.

I grew up in Indonesia. For many years my sister and I care for both our parents until they both passed away. I was 19.


The Indonesian riot in 1998 happened. I decided to leave behind everything and start over in the US. I moved to the US. I took the filmmaking program. I left 2000 in my pocket, without knowing whats my future will be.


I tried different careers, from film making, graphic designer, Sales, Real Estate Agents, Project Manager, and Business Analyst. But I knew something was missing; I lose the purpose.


The truth was that I always love to coach and help people in making a better choice. I will always be the person for my friends and family to call and seek some advice. 


My real estate, business, finance, dating experiences make me the person to go to when my friends need advice.


I am also a compassionate listener because I know what it feels lost, angry, anxious, lonely, unwanted, not enough, self-doubt, fear even depression. My past life failures, success, broken heart, and life obstacles make me a sympathetic listener.


As a compassionate, no-BS coach, we work together to create a safe space for you to identify what you want to accomplish during our time together, clarify your core values, which guide your choices, create a clearer vision of your dream life and create action steps to help you co-create that with yourself, your Higher Power and with others.

You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

Your Life is your Story, and every Story needs a hero.


You have a chance to become that hero.

Imagine the impact you’ll have on yourself, your kids, your family, and friends when you’re happier, healthier, more empowered, secure, and confident in yourself and your empathic gifts!  See the smiles on everyone’s faces.  Feel the love in your heart.  See the future generations you’re impacting right now through your new actions, mindset, and choices.

I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but what I do know is that I am a part of positive energy by coaching people around me and I belong to life. I can trust Life’s greater good and that I’m always being guided to the right places, people, and things at the right time.

My Mission

I am passionate to coach you to shine your light on the fears that come up about being an empath so that you can feel better, clearer, and braver in the face of whatever life throws at you! I focusing on forming long term relationships with my clients. I work directly with clients to fully understand their unique financial lives in depth, tailoring their life and happiness goals.



  • Project Management Certified - UCLA

  • Certified Life Happiness Coach - Transformation Academy

  • Licensed Life and Health CA agent

  • Certified Effective Coaching Path - Toastmasters International - Pathways

  • Competent Leader - Toastmaster International

  • Competent Communicator - Toastmaster International

  • Certified Annuity Finance and Long Term Care

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