​Does life insurance cover coronavirus (COVID-19)?

​The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has surprised and rocked the world to its very core.

Starting with a handful of cases in Wuhan, China, the new virus has spread worldwide, infecting over 31.5 million people and killing over 967,000 as of September 22, 2020.

This pandemic has led many to wonder — does life insurance cover coronavirus or, more genrally, does life insurance cover pandemics? What all does life insurance cover?

In this article, we’ll look at how life insurance companies respond to this crisis with both new and existing policies and what consumers need to know about the novel coronavirus, and how COVID-19 could affect your life insurance coverage.Does life insurance cover coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Everyone is worried about whether or not life insurance covers coronavirus and pandemics. Rest assured that your in-force life insurance policy will pay out the death benefit if you get coronavirus (COVID-19). If you don't have a policy, and you're healthy, you can still get life insurance that will cover coronavirus. However, there may be adjustments to the underwriting process due to many factors that affect life insurance premiums. Even during a pandemic, there are life insurance at affordable rates is still possible.

Many families hit with financial exposure and anxiety, worry what would happen to their family and loves one should they die? How they able to afford long-term care or medical expenses? Many adults aren’t confident in their financial planning abilities, it’s concerning that such a large percentage are leaving their families financially unprotected

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Having the Right Life Insurance Policy

Having the right life insurance policy is to financially protect loved ones”If they count on the primary wage earner's income or other financial resources, life insurance helps assure they’re covered if that individual passes away. It can also cover funeral expenses, pay off debt, pay estate taxes, and for things like a child’s education, student loans, or a home mortgage.

Imagine how you prepare your finances and life today will affect others, allow you to be the hero of your own story, and sets an example of what is possible to be in finance secured. You become an inspiration, opening the awareness of others to their potential.​

Your Life is your Story, and every Story needs a hero

You have a chance to become that hero, by preparing for your future financial need.

Imagine the impact you’ll have on yourself, your kids, your family, and friends when you’re happier, healthier, more empowered, secure, and confident in yourself and your empathic gifts! See the smiles on everyone’s faces. Feel the love in your heart. See the future generations you’re impacting right now through your new actions, mindset, and choices.

The best investment for you is to be financial literacy. Being mindful of your money is the act of the love you can give to yourself and your family and provide you with happiness and peace of mind.​

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